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The next generation retail

Iris Arke generates webshops for Influencers on all social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch (E-sports), Youtube, Tiktok etc

Brands can link their products to Iris Arke.

The Influencers select their favorite products and start selling

The IrisArke Influencer stores combine promotion of the products with actual retail sales

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For brands

Iris Arke opens a unique new path to new Retailers for your products.

Iris Arke links the new points of sale of your brand directly to a huge promotion on social media.

Iris Arke shows the exact sales per Influencer shop.

Your products are never discounted anymore!

Your IrisArke brand dashboard

  • Your brand determines the Retail price, so discounting is impossible
  • Your brand determines the fixed margin on products sold
  • It is 100% transparent what an Influencer really delivers for your brand
  • Your dashboard shows real time which products are high runners
  • Your dashboard shows real time which influencers are selling
  • New Influencers can be selected in your dashboard
  • You determine the exact sales period per product

IrisArke Benefits for Brands

A large number of new Retailers

The added value of Influencers 100% transparent

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Real Revolution

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

“With IrisArke I can share my favourite outfits and make purchasing them quick and easy”

Myrthe Eleonore

“IrisArke should be vital in any e-commerce strategy”

CEO Australian
Brand: Australian

“In my IrisArke shop I can sell the brands I use in my daily life!”

Sophie May

For influencers

Iris Arke enables influencers to become retailers themselves. Sell products of brands you love through your socialmedia channels.

Download our app and Register

Download our app on the Apple app store or Google play store. And create your Iris Arke account. It’s free!

Customise your free webshop!

Once registered we automatically create a webshop for you. Customise your shop to be recognised by your following!

Find products from brands you love

Browse through our product catalog filled with products from brands you love. Add products to your shop with one tap on the button.

Monitor your sales in your dashboard

Find all the information about your sales in your very own dashboard! Use this to see what products sell best and count your money 😉
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